Community Health Nursing

The College of Nursing strongly emphasizes preventive and promotive health. The college has committed itself to serve the people through the preparation of the student nurses. The various programmes were managed with the objective of promoting the health of the communities through direct and indirect services for all age groups, prepare the nursing students to acquire clinical competencies and function at different levels in the community health programmes and to promote community development and self-reliance.

The types of services provided are Home Care Services, Clinic Services, Health Promotional Activities, School Health Programmes, Special Camps and Community Organization Activities. Antenatal, Well babies and morbidities are assessed and treated in the Combined Clinics conducted in the villages, Special programmes like School Health Programmes, Adolescent Health Programmes, Health Committee meetings, Self Help Women Group meetings, Mass Education Programmes are organized in every village to create health awareness and health promotional activities are carried out regularly. Health Camps are conducted regularly in the area.

The nursing students are posted along with the staff for Home visits, clinics and special programmes in order to gain experience in Community Health Nursing and also to complete the clinical requirements and to learn about National Health Programmes. Problem-Based Learning, Community Based Education, family-centred Nursing Care studies, Health Education cum action projects and Epidemiological Approach are some of the approaches used for nursing students to learn Community Health Nursing.