An enormous significance is given for creating an environment that facilitates student nurture.

Academic Excellence

Faculty and staff of the college work towards facilitating academic excellence among their students. Regular student reviews, term exams, class meetings with class advisors and parent-teacher interactions create an atmosphere that assist in academic excellence. Mentoring students both in the clinical area and in the college enhances their confidence that is carried forward on to their staff period.

Student Welfare Cell – Counseling, Mentoring

The students are guided in the College and hostel by the class advisors and the hostel warden. Regular Mentoring are conducted by Mentor in once a week. Various programmes are organized and conducted for the students for support the growth of each student. They are exposed to the health needs and heath systems of the country through SNA, YRC.


Various activities are interspersed with academia, in order to foster the overall development of the student. Students function in various committees to plan and organize competitions, activities, and outreach programmes that inculcate a spirit among students. Student leaders function in various capacities in the student governing body that infuse leadership qualities.


College of Nursing posted the students in urban and rural clinics to strength and a spirit of sensitivity towards the underprivileged among its students, thus preparing them for rendering service in needy areas. It provides the students with an opportunity to understand appreciate and participate in the services at the secondary level health institutions.

Functions of Student Nurses Association (SNA)

    • Organization of meetings and conferences.
    • Establish socializing nature.
    • To provide the all facilities to all students related to hostel, mess, health etc…
    • Assumption of leadership responsibilities by all students.
    • To encourage the student to maintain discipline.
    • Socio cultural and Recreational activities.
    • Fund raising programme.
    • Public speaking and writing.
    • Arranging for Exhibitions.
    • Maintenance of SNA diary.


Providing free medical checkups for the students. The health needs of the students are met by the committee. Physicians are allotted to address student health and illness issues. Students receive inpatient medical care and professional services when they are necessary. An annual checkup is mandatory for all students throughout their stay in the college. Mandatory HbSAg vaccination is given to all students.