Our Vision

To prepare the students of our Nursing college to become empathetic and compassionate health care providers and groom them to continuously update their skills. To make our institution known for its research skills and transform the lives of people who are part of our ecosystem. To develop a dedicated nursing community.


To continuously evolve the mindset of the students, faculty, staff and the nursing community in emulating the quality of patient care to those of the best in the world and make efforts to be always relevant to the community in which our college operates by engaging in socially relevant projects.

To groom the students in collaborate doctors by being quick in response, adopt the emerging technology effectively and efficiently and at the same time, use physical examination as the first mode of diagnosis. Listen to history with utmost care to provide pertinent nursing services.

To develop the students to be emotionally stable, pay attention to details and develop good documentation skills.


To emerge as a premier Nursing college in the region and be rated among the top ten colleges in India by 2030, Continuously improve the turnaround time and quality of patient care of students in Health Care industry, Develop the students and the nursing community to listen effectively and communicate for better problem solving in hospitals, Make consistent efforts to fine tune the empathy, communication, attention to details, documentation skills of students and the nursing community, Motivate the faculty to upgrade their skills in all the Nursing areas and also to publish research papers and do faculty development programmes that will benefit the Health Care industry.